Oxford Gym Fitness

If you are an person who loves fitness and loves helping different citizens accomplish their targets, then you should consider turning this into a career. If you suppose this seems like something you would like to try and see how it turns out, then you can complete a selection of courses from such a wide series of them, to launch your future profession. You will have to complete a few courses to become a personal trainer, then you can complete extra courses that interest you if you like. Previous to starting your career as a personal trainer, you might want to use your skills to acquire a profession in a sports club or leisure centre to help you gain some basic work experience. A fantastic training provider for personal training and health courses would be FLM training, they offer a extensive variety of so many different courses.

One of the programs that they do is the L2 Gym Instructor course, this is perfect for individuals wanting a career in health and health, as a fitness instructor. Understanding the principles of exercise and the body’s response to keeping fit, are just 2 of the various things you will achieve during this module You would cover a choice of matters like as anatomy and physiology, how to communicate with your customers and also how to maintain fitness and wellbeing welfare in a variety of health environments. The whole thing will last precisely 5 days, 4 days for education and a day for the assessment. For this course the only thing you really need is to be physically fit with the aptitude to work with people.

They in addition offer a L3 personal training course, perfect for if you choose you definetly want to go through with becoming a personal trainer. In this program you will understand the skills, information and competence necessary for someone to work unsupervised as a personal trainer. This module will allow you to offer one-to-one training and nutritional guidance, as well as much more. There are benefits of working as a private instructor including you would be able to decide the hours you work but they would have to see when customers are free, but your hours will be more flexible. The subjects you cover will be similar to the types the gym instructing course covers but also more in depth subjects such as the values of diet to support customer goals. To be able to apply for this course you need to have completed the L2 gym instructing program and have recieved the qualification.

Once you have completed these courses, you might choose you feel like to do one of their additional courses.…

Sunglasses And Prescription Glasses That Suit Everyone


Bolle are a fantastic company who create great quality sunglasses and goggles; for performance and protection. This company began in 1888 and they are still going on today, due to their amazing products and great customer service. They get a lot of pleased reviews of customers, most giving them at least a 4 out of 5; saying their comfortable to wear and are stylish. They also do an amazing range of prescription sunglasses.

bolle1One of the prescription pairs available from Sportseyewear is the Bolle Aravis prescription, which cost only £159. They have a B thin active design and come with a wide range of lens tint options; they also have polycarbonate and trivex options. The trivex options include black surface AR and have oleophobic/ hydrophobic treatment; as well as anti fog treatment, which means they can be used in all climates. The colours that these glasses come in are shiny black or anthracite.

One of the normal pairs is the 5th element pro 12071 sunglasses which cost just £99. These colours of these glasses are matt Carbone/ blue and rose blue oleo af. They have had oleo and hydrophobic treatment, anti fog treatment and they have a wild field of view. The glasses have an adjustable nose piece and temple pieces; according to Bolle they work really well with the newly launched Bolle cycling helmet.

A pair of the goggles is the Emperor 21304, which cost £59. They come with a grey and blue argyle, and an aurora amber lens with a blue mirror. They have a wide field of view which makes them great for skiing. The downside of these goggles is that a little flex can pop out of the lens and that the lenses but the lens is of a high quality and the goggles are a great fit. They have great flow tech venting and have triple layer face foam which makes them very comfortable; as well as a siliconised strap. They also have P80 hydrophobic coating with carbo glass anti scratch.

They also do many more pair of prescription sunglasses such as blacktail, Columbus, python and vibe. The 6th sense S prescription sunglasses are very similar to the Bolle Aravis sunglasses; however they don’t have polycarbonate and trivex lens options. Also they have trivex lenses and come in double colours such as shiny white with blue and matt black with black; as well as many other options including shiny black and shiny yellow.…

Stay healthy whilst earning money as a personal trainer

I guess you’re wondering how, well if you’re keen about fitness and staying healthy, you can earn money becoming a personal trainer by helping others be healthy too. You get to help other people reach their goals whilst keeping yourself fit and healthy too.

The first step to become a PT would be to gain the qualifications and taking the personal trainer courses. You can get these through a college or through a private training provide. If you go for a private training provider, a great one is FLM training, they specialise in management, leisure and fitness courses. With them you could either do singular courses or packages. Overall the packages save you money because the basic personal trainer package cost £1600 and at the end of it you end up with a level 2 qualification in gym instructing and level 3 personal training. Whereas to do these separately, for example if you d one then decided you want to do the other, overall it would cost you £1798, so your saving £198. They also do three other packages which are the advanced personal trainer course which costs £1800 instead of £2155, the premium+ pt package which costs £2300 instead of£2789 and the premium course which costs £3300 instead of £3988.

pt coursesWhen doing this job there are certain skills and qualities you need to have which will help you with this job. For example: good people skills, knowledge of nutrition and health, enthusiasm and determination.  Once doing these courses there are also other course you can take like level 3 applied nutrition methods and certificate in kettle bell training.

You’ll have to help your client reach realistic goals and plan programmes for them, you’ll need to motivate them to help reach their goal and help them with their workouts. You’ll need to give them advice on things such as health and lifestyle changes, before you start training them you need to talk to them about their health history and fitness level.

Your hours will be fitted around when your client is available which will most likely be evenings. There is not set wage for personal trainer you wage, will all depend on your experience, qualifications and if you work for a gym or are self-employed.  To become a personal trainer you will need to make sure you have first aid training and public liability insurance. This includes a cardio-pulmonary resuscitation certificate.

After you’ve received training you’ll need to keep up to date with you knowledge and skills, to do this you will need to attend workshops and seminars as well as development courses.


A toy all children will enjoy


Electric cars are a perfect toy for children, as they get the child going out in the summer as these cars can drive on almost anything and it gets children to socialise as it will attract the attention of other kids and will make them want to use the car.  These cars come in some many different colours and brands; some are even official licensed products of car brands like Mercedes and BMW.

electric car for kids One of the popular kids electric cars is the Range Rover sport autobiography 12 electric Jeep, this car costs £279.99. This car has opening doors and boot providing easier access into and out of the car, as well as a mp3 and micro SD function which allows your child to listen to their favourite music on the go. To make it more realistic the car has front suspension and working lights and sounds, so the car can even be drove at night. Plus, it allows the child’s imagination to expand as they feel like they can drive off to wherever they want, or to work like their parents do. The car has a top speed of 4mph for the safety of the child.  It has a 12V battery and two powerful 12V motors, to control the car and make it work. This car comes in blue, matt black, white and orange, this car is best suited for children aged 3 to 8 years old.

electric car 4

Another one is the Licensed 12V Ford Ranger electric Jeep. This car costs £269.99, so similar to the car above just with a different style and some changes in features. This car is most appropriate for children aged 3-8 years old. The car comes with working LED lights and sounds; this car also reaches a maximum speed of 4mph and has two 12V motors. It comes in blue, black, orange, red and white.

One of the more vintage kid’s electric cars is the Retro beetle 12V car. To make it more realistic this car has working lights and sounds, to make it stand out compared to the other cars it has working disco lights at the front of the car. The car has music function so children can listen to music and front bonnet storage so they can drive their toys around with them. This car reaches a top speed of 4mph and also comes with a parental remote control so the parent can take full control for safety purposes and can join in on the fun too. This car is best suited for children aged 2 to 6 years old and comes in beige, green and pink. The best thing is this car only costs £139.95.

The thrillers and enthusiasm that takes in every kid in the childhood; Motorsports


Motorsports is referred to the events that comprise of the competition involving the utilisation of motor vehicles for the purpose of racing. It can also take along the non-racing challenges that would involve the journey via a rugged terrain or through dense forests to check the power of the vehicle. Often Motorsports is regarded to the events involving motorcycles in the race that even take the routes of the roads. Motorsport is seen by the organisation called Federation Internationale de l’Automobile.

How it started:

It was back in the year 1984 when French daily started a race that routed from Paris to Rouen and the course back to the initial point. This was basically and intercity race that paved the way to motorsports. Hence after that in the year 1900, many competitions with a lot of reorganisations came up giving a chance to upcoming drivers too. After the end of the World War 1 in 1918, the prestigious Grand Prix Racing competitions came into being that involved the competitions in the enclosures. There are many types of motorsports that have evolved in the subsequent years and today we have a handful of them.

  • Races involving the wheels outside the body:

These racing events involve the cars that have the wheels present in the outer body of the chassis. These wheels are real huge and powerful which take a lot of strength in them. Hummers of today world are some of the examples that are in the category mentioned above.

  • Formula One:

It is the type of car racing that involves the cars that have just one seat in them. It also comes with the prestigious Grand Prix car racing events and the competing companies are some of the big names naming Mercedes, BMW and Audi too. It comprises of racing events of several laps and the one completing all the laps in the least possible time wins.

  • Racing Events involving Sports Cars:

These racing events involve the participation of the sports editions of different cars, and hence the race happens to be exciting to watch. Sometimes it involves cross country racing events and thus sticking in a lot of crowds to watch it. There are several cameras fit in different locations that cover the races and hence check the motion. The cars are at times customised into the sports cars and hence they are equipped with power and wind shields to enhance the looks too. They are subjected to adverse conditions of heat, rugged terrain and weather issues that prove as hurdles at times. Some car companies make special cars for these races and bid on racers for the events too.

  • Car racing in Stocks:

This is the kind of car racing event that includes a group of cars that happen to be racing on a track that would involve a lot of speed with the movement. This event is organised by NASCAR, and the cars are seen racing on the tracks of oval shapes. It was started in the year 1947, and this gave birth to the Daytona Beach and the Race Course there.…