The thrillers and enthusiasm that takes in every kid in the childhood; Motorsports


Motorsports is referred to the events that comprise of the competition involving the utilisation of motor vehicles for the purpose of racing. It can also take along the non-racing challenges that would involve the journey via a rugged terrain or through dense forests to check the power of the vehicle. Often Motorsports is regarded to the events involving motorcycles in the race that even take the routes of the roads. Motorsport is seen by the organisation called Federation Internationale de l’Automobile.

How it started:

It was back in the year 1984 when French daily started a race that routed from Paris to Rouen and the course back to the initial point. This was basically and intercity race that paved the way to motorsports. Hence after that in the year 1900, many competitions with a lot of reorganisations came up giving a chance to upcoming drivers too. After the end of the World War 1 in 1918, the prestigious Grand Prix Racing competitions came into being that involved the competitions in the enclosures. There are many types of motorsports that have evolved in the subsequent years and today we have a handful of them.

  • Races involving the wheels outside the body:

These racing events involve the cars that have the wheels present in the outer body of the chassis. These wheels are real huge and powerful which take a lot of strength in them. Hummers of today world are some of the examples that are in the category mentioned above.

  • Formula One:

It is the type of car racing that involves the cars that have just one seat in them. It also comes with the prestigious Grand Prix car racing events and the competing companies are some of the big names naming Mercedes, BMW and Audi too. It comprises of racing events of several laps and the one completing all the laps in the least possible time wins.

  • Racing Events involving Sports Cars:

These racing events involve the participation of the sports editions of different cars, and hence the race happens to be exciting to watch. Sometimes it involves cross country racing events and thus sticking in a lot of crowds to watch it. There are several cameras fit in different locations that cover the races and hence check the motion. The cars are at times customised into the sports cars and hence they are equipped with power and wind shields to enhance the looks too. They are subjected to adverse conditions of heat, rugged terrain and weather issues that prove as hurdles at times. Some car companies make special cars for these races and bid on racers for the events too.

  • Car racing in Stocks:

This is the kind of car racing event that includes a group of cars that happen to be racing on a track that would involve a lot of speed with the movement. This event is organised by NASCAR, and the cars are seen racing on the tracks of oval shapes. It was started in the year 1947, and this gave birth to the Daytona Beach and the Race Course there.…